God woman Radhe Maa-based film Ye Kaisa Pesha lead actress Arpita Mali’s bedroom selfies leaked?

Bhojpuri and Tamil film actress Arpita Mali who stars as “Radhe Maa” in the film Ye Kaisa Pesha based on the life and controversies of flamboyant god woman Radhe Maa is now in the eye of a storm.
Arpita Mali who had earlier accused Radhe Maa and her associates of threatening her, was shocked to find her personal and private pics online.
Mali had lost her phone in an auto rickshaw about a week ago. “I lost my phone while travelling and never expected my personal images which were saved on my phone to get leaked online. The phone was locked and it was next to impossible to crack it and leak the pics. Possibly the hacker who got his hands on my phone, must have busted the memory chip and stolen the images from there,” Arpita told a film news site on Wednesday.