Commonwealth Games Star Anisa Sayyed alleged harassment by senior officials

Commonwealth Games Star Anisa Sayyed alleged harassment by senior officials

Chandigarh/ Faridabad: Anisa Sayyed, Commonwealth Games shooting champion from Haryana, has alleged harassment by senior officials of the state sports department where she is employed.Read full letter.
Anisa Sayyed
Assistant Director of Sports and youth Affairs Haryana.

Mr. Director of Sports and youth Affairs Haryana
Director Sports
I am bound to write this letter to express of my grievance that I am
unable to sustain with the post of Assistant Director Sports with
Department of Sports due to impediment being created by official
Department . I am sorry to express my grief that I had to go through
so many harassment and unwarranted condition which distracted my
priority Shooting Sports. I had several times brought the matter in
your kind notice that I was offered said post by your department after
my achievement 2 Gold in Commonwealth Games 2010 and then I was told
that I am free to carry my profession carrier along with said Job and
I would be providing sufficient opportunity , necessary amenities and
free environment in which I would be able to practice my shooting so
may tribute to my nation by earn name and fame by achieving Position
in shooting competition as I did in my past record . But my all hopes
and ambitions are shattered as I had to go through mental harassment
by creating unwarranted condition and imposing arbitrary conditions so
I may be distant from my shooting. Over the last Two years since I
have been appointed as Assistant Director. I have realized that I am
just not in a good and favorable environment where I can concentrate
on my shooting and I have been compel to follow official formalities
and office work instead of focusing on my shooting tried to away from
practice Range of Shooting . I feel that the work and job of
association is not as I had expected, and the environment has been a
difficult adjustment for me along with my shooting Practice.
I am so sorry for the inconvenience I faced in way of my practice of
shooting, and for that I have brought my misery and difficulties in
the notice of you and others concerned official to resolve it and
request me to transfer me where shooting Rage is available but my
request was not considered and arbitrary condition imposed on me and I
was transferred to Sonipat and ordered to perform official work
regularly reason unknown . I notice further that I had been very
patient calmly with all in that transitional time, but I am not able
to figure out that how my presence was necessary for job in Sonipat
Haryana instead of attending my international shooting in the Since
2015 to till now. I regret to notice that I have been retrain to
attend to International Shooting and others impotent event just to
attend my official job and when I made an application for leave or
permission for going shooting event then I have been restrained by
giving reason that I should give an chance for new generation.
I am happy to help in any way necessary to alleviate my department and
association, but please let me know if you need anything; I am more
than willing to seek my own replacement so as not to inconvenience
you. I wish you all the best and lots of success for this Department.
I am very sorry to inform you that my every leave application has been
denied and tried to make me distant from my shooting practice which
affected my performance and health . And on the contrary I received
Charge sheet of Departmental Enquiry and I have been ordered to face
the proceeding when I have been going through critical medical
condition after my delivery and I sustain acquit pain in my spinal
cord and not recovered yet and Doctor has advised me to take rest
till recovery ,if I fail to do so I may occur serious consequence
inrespect of health.

I have been subject to mentally, professionally and other harassment
since I am renowned shooter and I achieved several medal in my carrier
and as of now one upcoming shooter is being planted in my place and
I was compelled to leave my shooting by several tactics and method
and from my shooting and I can no longer bear the stress I am
suffering in the environment created by official.
I apologize for any inconvenience by my letter and notice to you may
cause. I will be doing job in such environment where I can practice
for my shooting and abide all rule and conduct of services. I will
email over my current event as soon as it is completed. It is my hope
that by bringing this incident to your attention, further harassment
to future shooter/ employees can be spared. If you wish to discuss
this matter with me further, feel free to call upon me across the
table and I will assist you to resolve my issue.

I will appreciate all of the valuable experience I have earned while
working with the office Department and know that it will serve me
well in future endeavors. I wish the Department continued success and
I wish you understanding and patience with me during this time.
The official has behaved increasingly hostile to me and I can no
longer keep coming into the office under these arbitrary conditions. I
deeply regret not being able to offer my full notice and hope that you
can understand my reasons grievances. I worked till …& have all
Vacation leave and leave application pending till date since I have
joined the Sports department of Haryana. And due to non approval of my
leave still my salary of last two years on hold. it’s very unfortunate
conduct from the Govt Sports system of Haryana towards a famous
shooter who earn name and fame of country by winning 22 international
medals including two Gold medals in Delhi Commonwealth games one
Silver medal Commonwealth games Glasgow and bronze medal in Asian
games. I am shocked and surprised to see that like me is being
victimized by dirty politics, I don’t know why it’s being played with
me, I regret to inform you that in such condition I am not able to
sustain and will not be able to continue onwards with the department
with this unjustified and erroneous condition .

Thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have provided me
during the last Two years where actually you didn’t approve my single leave
application to participate National and international competition and you
have made charge sheet against me alleging that without your permission I had
traveled for international competition abroad and on this pretext and
the other you are trying to compel me to leave my job voluntarily. I
regret to mention that I was posted from faridabad to sonipat to
distract my shooting sports, even though you knew how much determine
I am for my shooting sports, I Have enjoyed my tenure with the Sports
department that due to being employee of Haryana sports
department my Cash awards also not been sanctioned /approved accepted
also . Hence I believe that it’s being done on someone’s special
instructions, over all as
you are the boss of department I had approached you on several times if you
don’t want to resolve the issues I will consider that you wanted to quit me
from job.

Kindly make favorable environment for me where I can practice me
shooting and perform my job as State and Central Govt. has a policy to
promote employment for woman adequately and kindly reduce the
unwarranted condition and formalities imposed on me so I may fulfill
my job and family responsibilities with immediate effects to ensure a
smooth transition for the organization. I hope my stand will
give you peace of mind and you will be very happy on my advice and
grievance. If i can be of any assistance during this transition,
please let me know. I would be
glad to help however I can.

I request you to kindly provide me with the relieving letter and experience
I wish you and the Sports Department success at future endeavors.

Thanking You
Anisa Sayyed